Board Meetings

Welcome to a Meeting of Your School Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is the elected body of citizens who set policy for the Ontario-Montclair School District.

The Board makes major policy decisions for the district in areas of budgeting and finance, staffing, curriculum, and advance planning. The policies adopted by the Board of Trustees are put in effect by district administrative staff.

You are encouraged to attend Ontario-Montclair School District Board meetings and take an active role in the educational affairs of your community.

Board Meetings
Board Policy
Board Operations
Public Speakers at Board Meetings
Board Recognition
Special Board Meetings
Understanding the Agenda
Tips for an Effective Presentation

Board Meetings
The Ontario-Montclair School District Board of Trustees usually meets on the first and third Thursday of each month for its regular sessions. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and are usually held in the Central School Auditorium, 415 East "G" Street, Ontario. When there is a change in time, date, or place of regular board meeting, public notice is given at least 48 hours in advance. For specific dates and information, phone (909) 418-6445 or refer to the agenda.

All regular and special Board meetings are open to the public.

2017 Board Meeting Dates

Board Policy

Ontario-Montclair School District Board Policies and Administrative Regulations can be found online at the California School Boards Association (CSBA) GAMUT Website. Passwords and logins are available from the Superintendent's Office at (909) 418-6444.

Board Policies and Administrative Regulations

Board Operations
The Ontario-Montclair School District must operate in accordance with The Constitution of the State of California, State Legislation, California Administrative Code, Title 5, and the policies and procedures established by this Board of Trustees.

As the Chief Executive Officer of the Board, the Superintendent is responsible for carrying out its policies. Helping the Superintendent are the Deputy Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendents of Business Services, Instructional Services, and Personnel Services.

Under State Law, the Board may meet in "Closed Session" to discuss the following: (Note: Closed Session is not open to the public)

Consideration of the appointment, employment, or dismissal of an employee.



Hearing of charges or complaints brought against an employee, unless such employee requests a public hearing.


Review of negotiating positions and instructions to the Board's representatives with respect to subjects in negotiations.


Consideration of expulsion, suspension, or disciplinary action against a pupil.


Legal matters that come within the attorney/client privilege and/or pertain to litigation.


Discussions with mediators or fact-finders who have intervened as authorized by law.

The Board also encourages all speakers, whenever possible, to avoid repetition of statements made by fellow proponents on the same subject and place their views in writing for Board information. If questions are to be submitted to the Board, such questions must be in writing. The Superintendent, if requested by the Board, shall provide written responses to such questions subsequent to the Board meeting at which they are posed.

Public Speakers at Board Meetings

Individuals and representatives of organizations are invited to address the Board on any subject that falls within the District's purview.

During the Public Comments section of the Agenda, speakers will have an opportunity to speak before the Board of Trustees.

First, the Board President will ask for any person wishing to speak to any item not on the Agenda. They will be granted four minutes to make comments to the Board. Rules limit speaking to 12 minutes per topic of discussion.

Any person wishing to speak to any item on the Agenda will also be granted four minutes to address the Board. The public may speak to an item on the Agenda while the item is being heard for approval. The same time limits will apply.

Individuals who wish to speak to the Board should fill out a Request to Address the Board Form (yellow slip) prior to the commencement of the Board Meeting.

The meeting location is wheelchair accessible. Speakers needing any disability related or language accommodation should contact the Superintendent’s Office at (909) 418-6445, at least 24 hours in advance. This would include requesting a translator.

Board Recognition

The Board of Trustees recognizes and honors individuals and organizations for achievements within the District and/or contributions to education and to the children of Ontario/Montclair.

For more information please call (909) 418-6445.

Special Board Meetings

The Board occasionally calls for Special Board Meetings. Specific issues are brought before the entire Board for introduction, review, or action. These meetings also include an opportunity for public comments where an individual may address the Board. Any individual wishing to speak to any item on the Agenda will have four minutes to make a comment to the Board. Rules limit speaking to 12 minutes per topic. Only items on the Agenda may be discussed at a Special Board Meeting.

Understanding the Agenda

Regular meetings begin with comments from the public for items on the Closed Session Agenda and then the Board of Trustees recess to Closed Session.

Open Session for Regular Public Meetings begins at 7:00 P.M. with presentations by school sites, district staff, and/or organization representatives and/or recognitions. Times may be adjusted, please check your Agenda for most current information.

Immediately following the presentations/recognition, the Board President will call for public comments. Any person wishing to speak to any item not on the Agenda will have four minutes to address the Board. Rules limit speaking to 12 minutes per topic of discussion. Any person wishing to speak to any item on the Agenda may address the Board at the time the item is being heard. They will also have the same time limits.

Agenda Overview
Closed Session
Open Session
Public Comments
Public Hearings
Consent/Information Calendar
Comments from Members of the Board and the Superintendent

For more information, please contact Irma Sanchez, Executive Assistant (909) 418-6445

Tips for an Effective Presentation

  • State your name
  • State if you represent any groups
  • Decide what you want to say before you speak
  • Be brief
  • Remember there is a four minute limit so make your point quickly. Staff will notify you when your time is up.
  • Stay focused and speak to a single topic
  • If you have handouts, you should be prepared to provide 11 copies. They can be given to the Executive Assistant and she will distribute to the Board of Trustees and staff.

If you would like to contact the
Board of Trustees, you may send your
written inquires to the District Office
or call (909) 418-6445