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The Ontario-Montclair School District, founded in 1884, serves a 26 square mile area which covers most of the city of Ontario, Montclair, portions of Upland, and unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County.  The District is the third largest elementary district in the State. 

More than 21,800 PreK-8 students attend 26 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, and 2 alternative programs. Included in the 34 schools are magnet and academy programs, each of which is uniquely designed to provide an option for students to become fully immersed in an enhanced specially designed course of study, and two alternative programs.

OMSD boasts two California Distinguished Schools, eleven Gold Ribbon Schools, International Baccalaureate Schools, a GATE Magnet, a Science Magnet, a Dual Language Academy, and Arts-integrated Magnet, and many AVID Schools, as well as many other recognized programs.

Mission Statement:

Ontario-Montclair School District (OMSD) is committed to providing a world-class education to all students in safe and respectful school environments that empowers students, staff, and families and cultivates partnerships with community, business, and non-profit agencies.





Alternative programs





Arroyo Elementary
(IB Authorized World School)
909.985.1012    Mission Elementary 909.627.3010   
Berlyn Elementary 909.986.8995    Montera Elementary
(Academy of Academic Exploration)
Bon View Elementary
(IB Authorized World School)
909.947.3932    Monte Vista Elementary 909.626.5046   
Buena Vista Arts-Integrated 909.984.9556    Moreno Elementary
(AVID Academy)
Central Language Academy 909.983.8522    Ramona Elementary
(Communication Arts Academy
Corona Elementary 909.984.6411    Sultana Elementary 909.986.1215   
Del Norte Elementary 909.986.9515    Vineyard Elementary
Edison Elementary
(Academy of Differentiated Learning)
909.984.5618    Vista Grande Elementary 909.988.2234   
El Camino Elementary 909.986.6402   

Middle Schools

Elderberry Elementary 909.986.0108   

De Anza Middle School

Euclid Elementary 909.984.5119    Oaks Middle School 909.988.2050   
Hawthorne Elementary
(IB Authorized World School)
909.986.6582    Serrano Middle School 909.624.0029   
Haynes Elementary 909.984.1759    Vernon Middle School 909.624.5036   
Howard Elementary 909.591.2339    Vina Danks Middle School
(Keystone Academy)
Kingsley Elementary 909.984.3634    Wiltsey Middle School
(IB Authorized World School)
Lehigh Elementary 909.624.5697   

Lincoln Elementary 909.983.9803   

Alternative Programs

Mariposa Elementary 909.983.4116    E3 Virtual Learning Academy 909.418.6432   

SOAR Academy 909.418.6936   

Other Facilities:

Homer F. Briggs Education Center 909.459.2500   
Alice M. Gray Transportation Services Center 909.930.6766   
Bon View Warehouse 909.930.6782   
Nadine Griff Mack Nutrition Center 909.930.6360   
Robert Hardy Center 909.930.6775   
OMSD Counseling Center (at Hardy) 909.930.6799   
Linda Vista Full Service Community School 909.418.6936   
OMSD Parent Educational Center 909.418.6715   

Area Covered:
26 square miles
Cities Covered:
Montclair, most of the city of Ontario, portions of Upland, and unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County
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